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FDA regulation of gluten in medications

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My name is Jordann. I am a student nurse who aspires to work in the NICU. I suffer from several chronic conditions that are well controlled with medications. However, I am also 1 of 100 people who have something called Celiac disease. This means that if I ingest gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, my immune system attacks my small intestine, damaging the structure that allows my body to absorb nutrients. It doesn't take much gluten to do this, in fact, it takes a smaller amount of gluten than a simple crumb to make a person ill. This causes a large variety of symptoms that impede daily function, sometimes for months.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not require that medications are tested for gluten (many medications use starch as an inactive ingredient, which is commonly contaminated with gluten). This means that me and others with Celiac disease who need medications, often have to choose to take the risk of feeling sick for months and causing permanent damage to the intestines, in order to manage other chronic conditions. 

Please help me and the others suffering with this disease to have the comfort of treating our other diseases without worrying about the consequences of gluten. 

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