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Food and Drug Administration: Drug Data Shouldn't Be Secret: Open the Books on Tamiflu

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"Clinical trial data for the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu... were missing, unpublished and inaccessible to the research community... the country’s most widely used and heavily stockpiled influenza drug appeared no more effective than aspirin." Dr. Peter Doshi, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Dr.Tom Jefferson,epidemiologist,Cochrane Collaboration. 

New York Times April 10, 2012

This petition is in support of The BMJ's  open data campaign  aims to achieve appropriate and necessary independent scrutiny of data from clinical trials  as it relates to  a public promise Roche made in 2009 to release full clinical trial reports in response to an investigation by the BMJ and Cochrane collaborators Peter Doshi and Tom Jefferson.

    The bottom line:
  • WHO recommends Tamiflu, but has not vetted the Tamiflu data.
  • EMA approved Tamiflu, but did not review the full Tamiflu dataset.
  • CDC and ECDC encourage the use and stockpiling of Tamiflu, but did not vet the Tamiflu data.
  • The majority of Roche's Phase III treatment trials remain unpublished over a decade after completion.
  • In Dec 2009, Roche publicly promised independent scientists access to "full study reports" for selected Tamiflu trials, but to date the company has not made even one full report available.

Releasing the trial reports would allow independent academics to answer questions about this globally stockpiled drug.


Tamiflu Timeline culminates in demand by British MP's to know whether $500 MILLION is going down the drain for a placebo

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