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Deny the request to add Aspartame to milk without consumer knowledge

Today consumers care more about what goes into our food than ever before. Modern technology has also allowed us to become better informed about our eating decisions. We have faced huge epidemics of metabolic syndrome and allergies to food additives which in turn have caused a large market for information about the food we eat and how to stay healthy in this modern world.

The decision to add numerous chemicals under the definition of "milk" or "cheese" would be a deliberate action on the FDA's part to reduced a person's right to make informed decisions about what they consume. It is particularly bothersome that controversial chemicals like Aspartame would make the list. Aspartame has been linked to major dangerous side effect, including in rare cases death.

Ideally we'd like the FDA to say "NO" to Aspartame entirely. However, If the FDA's insists using Aspartame or other additives in milk and other dairy products, at least label it. People who don't care will ignore the labels. However you can't in good conscience not inform those people who do care. "

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