Ban Prescription Medication Commercials!

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There's no doubt that all people who watch television notice the rise in advertisement of prescription drug medication. What I find appalling with these commercials is the way they make people believe they may be sick. For example, there is a medication commercial for an add-on antidepressant, for those who feel like the one they have is not enough. These health concerns should be discussed with one's physician. Another reason why I disagree with allowing these ads to air is the financial aspect. These commercials are airing at an alarming rate which means pharmaceutical companies are paying large amounts of money for these ads. Money that could go towards aiding children and seniors with medications they need, and often struggle to afford. Lastly, I do not find the advertisements appropriate for children, and especially young adults. Teens and young adults are at a very impressionable, confusing time of their life and do not need to see commercials in which they feel like medication is easily available and always the solution. They especially should be speaking with their pediatricians, parents and trusted adults with how they feel and finding better solutions than drugs.

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