Ban Metal Bristles in Grill Brushes

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Thousands of people every year suffer from a grill related injury. To many people's surprise, a large number of these injuries are from grill brushes. 

People are sent to the emergency room in severe pain from swallowing metal bristles and require emergency surgery.

How does this happen?
When you clean your grill, you believe you are doing something safe for you and your family. Cleaning your grill is an important part of keeping your family healthy and providing them with good food. However, you may not realize that the very brush you're using to clean your grill is actually putting you and your family at risk of serious injury. 

Typically, your grill bush will be made of plastic and metal bristles. When left outside in the heat or cold, the plastic from your grill brush expands and contracts. The bristles that are set in this plastic become loose over time. When you clean your grill, you must use a bit of force to get the gunk off the grill grates, but what happens is you leave bristles behind on those grill grates. Next time you fire up your grill and toss some burgers or steak on the grill grates, the bristles can get stuck in the meat you're grilling.

What happens next happens far too often. You feed the grilled food to yourself or your family. They then ingest the metal bristle along with the food and end up in excruciating pain. It's not long after they will be in the operating room to have this bristle surgically removed. Unfortunately, a lot of times these bristles are so small they do not show up on an x-ray and you can have a very long road ahead of you trying to determine the cause of your pain leading to a dangerous outcome including death. 

I personally have heard so many stories from people this has happened too. From as minor as the bristle just getting stuck in their gums, to children and adults surgically removing a metal bristle from stomachs, esophaguses, and even the wall of a firefighter heart.

If you are unaware of this serious issue, I encourage you to do the Google Search "Grill Brush Injury" to see just how serious this really is.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Due to the above mentioned issue, we created a grill brush that eliminates this issue and is the safest alternative to combat this issue. The owner of the company is a firefighter and along with his partner have decided to dedicate all their time to raising awareness for this issue to make sure nobody else has to ever go through this horrible experience ever in their life. This petition is solely created to raise awareness and let people know to do their part and at the very least, THROW OUT YOUR METAL BRISTLE GRILL BRUSH! I promise it is not worth the risk.

Ideally, we would love to see the banning of putting metal bristles in grill brushes. We would love if you supported us by purchasing a grill brush from us, but this isn't about that. We are not putting a link to our company here, we are not trying to sell you anything. We genuinely don't want anyone else to suffer.

Please help us by signing our petition to BAN METAL BRISTLES! 

If this has happened to you or someone you know and would like to be more active in this effort to ban metal bristles, please have them contact us directly at: