Ban Copper sulfate in organic farming

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Many of us buy organic food under the moniker that were eating healthier, or avoiding pesticides. Others do it thinking they're helping the environment. What if I told you that buying organic food you're hurting yourself and the environment much more than with conventional foods.You’d probably think i’m lying, but no. Most organic foods are sprayed with a toxic pesticide called Copper sulfate. 

Copper sulfate is highly toxic to both the body, and the environment. Copper sulfate, builds up in the body, meaning the more you ingest the higher amount in your body.  Copper sulfate is linked to damaging many internal organs, especially when ingested orally. Copper sulfate can damage the Heart, Liver, Kidneys and many other parts of the body ( A 2014 study using chickens ( even found that it impedes the growth of the brain. Chickens that were exposed to the pesticide had significantly smaller brains compared to those not. Copper sulfate might also be linked to and increased risk of cancer, but these results are disputed. Taking the risk does not seem worth it though. 

Copper sulfate is also highly toxic to the environment ( It harms almost every type of life. Copper sulfate is destructive to underwater life, it kills off weaker varieties of fish. This encourages the growth of invasive species. It is also toxic to any animal that drinks the water, or eats the food that copper sulfate is in (or on). 

Our body is something that is delicate, and so is the environment. Copper sulfate harms both, it is more toxic than its conventional counterpart glyphosphate. I urge you to sign this petition so that we can set things right and make our food safer, and healthier. Not only for us, but for our children, and our environment.