Ban Brominated Vegetable Oil in the U​.​S​.​A.

Ban Brominated Vegetable Oil in the U​.​S​.​A.

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Most people see one problem with consuming drinks like Fanta; too much of it can cause obesity or diabetes. While this may be true, drinks that contain bromine may cause memory loss, schizophrenia, nerve damage, and many more serious side effects in just a few years of regular consumption. BVO, or Brominated Vegetable Oil, is a key ingredient in preventing substances from separating. It keeps citrus and citrus flavoring mixed with the water in drinks like orange Fanta, Mountain Dew, orange Sunkist, and orange Gatorade. Although this heavily improves the consistency of the soda, BVO has its downsides. Brominated Vegetable Oil should be banned in America because it can cause brain and nerve problems. More so, its main ingredient is a poisonous chemical known to cause birth defects. Lastly, Bromine builds up in the body, meaning drinking very little a day still may cause these problems.

First of all, BVO should be banned in America due to the brain and nerve problems it may cause. Because of these problems, it has been banned in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Japan, and many other countries, but Americans continue to drink this unhealthy substance. There have been many reports of people who have had memory loss, mild to severe, after drinking excessive amounts of BVO. Another major symptom of this chemical is schizophrenia. There have been less reports of this, but it is still a dangerous problem that needs to be considered. If the previous symptoms stated weren’t terrifying enough, BVO can also lead to organ system damage. According to Roni Rabin at the New York Times, “Studies suggest it [bromine] can build up in the body and can potentially lead to memory loss and skin and nerve problems.” This statement further proves the fact that BVO is extremely dangerous to the body, even with water or other nutrients surrounding it. Bromine, although helpful, is an extremely dangerous chemical not to be joked about. In other words, high consumption of BVO destroys the body in gruesome ways, and leads to 

Furthermore, BVO’s biggest downside is the ingredients. It should be banned in America because the main ingredient is bromine, a poisonous chemical notorious for causing birth defects and other problems such as memory loss and nerve damage. Sienna Livermore states that BVO found in sports drinks and soda are bad for the body. She claims that “The main ingredient is a poisonous chemical that is toxic and corrosive to the body, having been linked to organ system damage, birth defects, schizophrenia, and more.” It baffles me that someone from the F.D.A agreed to approve this dangerous chemical. This article also states “An F.D.A. spokeswoman said it is safe in limited amounts, and that the agency would take action “should new safety studies become available that raise questions about the safety of BVO.”” With this article, the reader can infer that BVO is not as bad as it sounds. It is safe in limited amounts, and most humans would not consume the required amount of BVO for symptoms anyway. Furthermore, BVO is a key ingredient in citrus drinks, as without it the flavoring would separate from the liquid, which would obviously ruin the drink.  Although this is true, there is still a (very low) risk of illnesses since the chemical builds up in your body. Even with the fact that illness from bromine buildup is rare, this is something we should, in the present until the future, worry and be cautious about. This may conclude why BVO should be banned in America, but there is more evidence contributing to this statement.



Last but not least, BVO’s main ingredient, bromine, builds up in the body over time. Even if you drink just an ounce a day of citrus soda a day, you could still be liable to disease. This is the scariest part of BVO. While you may be thinking that you drink enough water and little bromine, the chemical could be building up in your body at any moment, waiting to strike. Katherine Zeratsky, a writer from the Mayo Clinic addresses this idea in her article "......".  “There have been reports of people experiencing memory loss and skin and nerve problems after drinking excessive amounts (more than two liters a day) of soda containing BVO. While few people are likely to drink such large quantities, concern exists because bromine appears to build up in the body.” This knowledge is very concerning, because as the text states, bromine stores itself in the body. This is concerning because no matter how little bromine you consume, you are at risk of the diseases listed such as schizophrenia or nerve damage. As stated before, an F.D.A. spokeswoman openly stated that bromine is safe to consume in limited amounts. Also stated before, this is partly true. Due to the evidence from recent studies, bromine builds up in the body, meaning this statement by the F.D.A.can be proven wrong. 

Brominated Vegetable Oil should be banned in America. This is because it can cause brain and nerve problems such as memory loss. It also may cause birth defects due to the main ingredient, a poisonous chemical called bromine. Conclusively, the chemical can attack your body, even if consumed in small amounts, due to the fact that it builds up over time. If BVO was officially banned in America, brain damage, nerve damage, and other symptoms will become nonexistent after drinking citrus drinks. Furthermore, since bromine builds up in body tissue, it could affect the womb. Without bromine in our drinks, babies and fetuses could have a better chance of a healthy life. Lastly, all the horrible symptoms caused by bromine would disappear due to the fact that no bromine buildup would exist and there would be no risk of illness caused by it. Brominated Vegetable Oil is a hideous monster of a chemical that is responsible for many illnesses and responsible for more to come. The notorious legacy of health problems caused by BVO can be stopped if many people participate in signing a petition against BVO. Past petitions on have helped BVO be removed from drinks like Gatorade, but if the people band together, this problem may be solved and the F.D.A. may take action.



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Full list of countries that have banned BVO:


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Albania  Andorra   Armenia   Austria    Azerbaijan   Belarus    Belgium   Bosnia-and-Herzegovina

Bulgaria  Croatia    Cyprus      Czechia   Denmark     Estonia     Finland    France

Georgia  Germany  Greece      Hungary  Iceland        Ireland      Italy         Kazakhstan

Kosovo  Latvia       Liechtenstein            Lithuania     Luxembourg            Malta

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