Alpha Gal Allergy, products should say if they contain mammal products to save lives.

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In 2009 my husband was diagnosised with the Alpha Gal Allergy (allergy to mammal products)before that we had never heard of an allergy caused from a tick bite. He was sick for weeks, expensive tests and doctor appointments. Luckily our physician had heard of this and tested him when there was no other reason. It changed our lives forever. It was so hard to know what products contained mammal in them. I had no idea it was in toothpaste, candy,  cornbread, beans, shampoo, lotions, medicines the list goes on. He would become sick and we didn't know why.  I almost lost my husband when he was hospitalized and the hospital wasn't aware of the allergy and attempted to give medicine and food that he couldn't have. During that stay they made a mistake that resulted in him being on heart monitors and receiving medicines to stop a reaction and heart medication. We knew then we had to help make a change. 

With this allergy you could break out with hives, rash, swelling,stomach upset,  extreme stomach pains, and anaphalaxis. This isn't an immediate response it happens 3-6 hours after you ingest something. That is why it is so dangerous, you may not know you ate something and wake up in the middle of the night unable to breath. 

Since I have started spreading the word people are asking for help. They have sick children, spouses, family members they are trying to help. They are saying they spend so much time in emergency rooms and doctors office because they didn't know something contained mammal. One person was a diabetic and the physician wasn't aware his insulin was making him sick because it is mammal based. My husband is lucky he isn't affected by milk and dairy but a lot of people are. They aren't able to use soap or shampoo that isn't vegan they are so sensative.

When i contacted the FDA they said there was no law in place that requires products to be labeled they contain mammal products. They recommended I reach out to congress for change. I have contacted my State Senator asking for help. Now I'm asking for help from you. This allergy is becoming very common and needs attention. Help by signing your name.


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