Ban single use coffee cups

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There is no need for the current food and drink industry to be providing millions of Britains per day with non-recyclable and non-reusable cups.  There are alternatives which are inexpensive for the consumer and business; company branded reusable plastic cups, popular 'keep-cups', thermal flasks or even just porcelain mugs (this is what it used at winter fairs for hot mulled wine).  It would save companies the cost of buying thousands of throwaway cups and the embarrassment that is starting to be seen through the many photographs and social media profiles promoting beach clean ups and disparaging litter.

One argument to keep these disposable mugs is that people may forget their reusable mugs, but then they can buy a cheap but sturdy plastic cup at their favourite coffee store at low cost to them and at a small profit to the business.

High streets across the UK are littered with these single use cups and their lids.  The very nature of the disposable item allows people to throw it out without a second thought.  It litters streets, fills up waste facilities and is being dragged out into our waterways and coastlines.  

Britain is beautiful, it should not be littered.