Change of Administration at Fontana School

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Dear Fontana School Board-

We are concerned parents, families and community members writing to urge you to take action.  We feel that our current administration does not adequately fulfill the job requirements we find imperative and are asking you to replace the current administration for the 2018-2019 school year.  We are looking for one administrator/principal who:

1) Is present in our community. We want an administrator who attends all extra-curricular activities.  Someone who knows our students (and us) by name.  We want a leader who shows initiative in growing deep and meaningful connections to our school – someone who is actually available and visible to us.  Someone who is an ambassador for our school and promotes our strengths and unique advantages to the public, community and beyond. 
2) Reflects our values.  We want a school leader who understands the importance of our “flagship” programs – Outdoor Education, the Music and Arts departments, our technology and STEM opportunities. These programs have deep roots and emotional meaning to our students, staff and alumni. We want an administrator that understands, respects, supports and protects these programs with resources, long-term planning, as well as their own time and energy.
3) Is a good communicator.  Timely and meaningful communication is a top requirement.  We understand that not all problems can be solved quickly or easily, but regular updates on progress, decisions made or any plan forward is needed for people to feel that they have been heard, that their opinion matters and are taken seriously. Parents and families should feel empowered to persistently question administration and school board until an acceptable resolution to their issue is found.
4) Fosters a team oriented and cooperative school environment. The administrator is directly responsible for the morale and well-being of our teachers and staff. Without supportive direction, our teachers cannot effectively do their jobs.  Teachers who are not 100% focused on teaching is to the detriment of our students.  This simply is not acceptable.  We need an environment of cooperative problem solving amongst our staff and school leadership.  Teacher’s opinions, skills and experience matter to us and need to be heard without the threat of retaliation.
5) Our administrator sets the tone and priorities for our K-8 students.  Effective and swift handling of bullying and other social problems are vital, but we expect our administrator to take every opportunity to teach, remind and encourage kindness and inclusion skills in our students.
We hope that this letter helps guide your decisions in staffing changes for the upcoming year. We believe that the current administration is not working in the best interest of our students.  We look forward to a new administration who can guide our school forward starting next year.

Thank you for your consideration.

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