Fond du Lac: Stop the Use of Chemicals in Public Areas!

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The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer found that glyphosate, commonly sold as RoundUp, is a “probable human carcinogen."

This is serious, as hundreds of millions of pounds of this herbicide are used on farmland across America every year, and the U.S. Geological Survey has detected glyphosate in rain, streams and air near agricultural areas including Fond du Lac.

Americans are exposed to this “probable human carcinogen” in their food, air and water every day, and the use of these toxins by the City of Fond du Lac will not protect us from these exposures and potential health problems!

There are multiple cost effective, sustainable, expedient, and efficient control and eradication methods that do not involve harmful chemicals which can be harmful to all life. 

It's time for the City of Fond du Lac to suspend the use of glyphosate until a meaningful and complete evaluation of the herbicide's use by all City staff and departments is complete. The City should also begin a plan be prepared by each agency to transition to non-toxic, natural, or sustainable  approaches to create healthier soils, green spaces, water sources, and environment. 

We request that reports be provided to public officials on a semi-annual basis listing the types and quantities of chemicals used and stored, and that signage be used when applied. 

Additionally, we ask that the City creates mandatory education and training for safe use and application for anyone who maintains public lands, including seasonal and contracted employees, as well as a public campaign and initiative to educate and collaborate with private citizens.