Change Folly Beach NYE Flip Flop Drop to a Boot

Change Folly Beach NYE Flip Flop Drop to a Boot

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Started by John Roberts

Hope everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve. Folly Beach’s NYE festivities are a blast! There’s no denying. However, there is a dangling issue that needs to be addressed: THE FLIP FLOP DROP. The idea of a drop at midnight is fantastic. The fact that it’s a flip flop is not. Here are reasons not to wear flip flops. 

-Weird tan lines 

-You won’t win in a fight

-You won’t get laid (mostly applies to males)

-You could blow out your flip flop, step on pop tart, cut your wrist, have to cruise on to some bar & listen to a horrendous cover band.


That’s right! A large lit up BOOT will be erected on Center St for NYE. Then as the countdown happens there’ll be a catapult that shoots the BOOT into the stratosphere as the clock strikes midnight!!!

Please join our important fight & sign this petition to rectify the scourge of the flip flop drop.

Also, please join our first petition meeting with WHISKEY DIABLO at FOLLYWOOD on Saturday January 29th for a night of sonic mind twists, visual delights and general debauchery. 

New Single “Wearing the Devil’s Boots” to be released Jan 21st. Get your Spotify pre-save here:

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!