Keep language courses in Denmark free of charge!

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Language learning is the first and the most important step in the integration process in a new society and culture. Obviously the integration of the foreigners will be profitable for both – individuals and hosting country. In this way the hosting country gets a richer workforce satisfying one of the basic requirements of the local labor market (which is knowledge of language) and the individuals get a job and study opportunities.  Consequently, the free language courses are beneficial for the development of the country and for personal development of the foreigners as well.

The new law introduced in January 2018 in Denmark creates nothing but obstacles for the integration of immigrants within the country. We consider that giving the opportunity to learn Danish only to “economically self-sufficient“ people contradicts with one the main European goals about equal opportunities for everyone. Moreover, it sophisticates the creation of the borderless labor market even within the EU! Basically, it creates the dead-locked situation, when people are not able to get employed without the knowledge of Danish, and have no opportunity to gain this knowledge by reason of high tuition fee for the language classes.

We personally, two highly motivated EVS-volunteers in Denmark, have faced this problem first-hand. Before coming here, we were told that the all language school expenses are covered.
But then we just recently got this news: From 1. July 2018, the Danish government has decided to charge a fee for the Danish language lessons at the public language schools. The fee is 2000 DKK per module, which makes 12000 DKK for all 6 modules. It is not possible to cover the language school by ourselves with the little pocket money we get. Finding a job position to earn extra money is not an option for us either, because it’s not legal to work in-parallel with the voluntary service.

Due to our conviction that there are a lot of other people aiming to be a part of Danish society and having a strong motivation to learn Danish, we ask you to support our willingness by signing this petition, which is intended to keep language classes free of charge in Denmark. 

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