A compassionate release or pardon for Lewis Saale who is ill with small cell cancer.

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My father, Lewis Saale is currently in federal prison for a non-violent crime. His release date is 2025. He was recently diagnosed with small cell cancer which grows very rapidly. The cancer has already spread from the lungs to several parts of his body including kidneys and brain. He has 2 kids with families that love him dearly. He has 2 grandsons, one of which he hasn't met yet. He has 2 step kids with his partner of over 20 years with 3 more grandchildren. He also has a sister and several nieces and nephews who would like to spend time with him. Ultimately a compassionate release is not up to us but we hope this petition will help! We want our dad to spend the remaining part of his life with his loving family so that we can care for him in his dire time of need rather than put yet another burden on the federal prison system. Joseph and Nick Jr (grandsons) deserve to spend quality time with their grandpa without guards standing over them. His family keeps him going, its only right for him to be able to spend his last days in comfort and with love surrounding him.