Fluvanna: Don't put a 90-acre junkyard in OUR county!!

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Fluvanna County residents DO NOT want a 90-acre junkyard in our backyards. We do not want to hear cars being crunched at all hours. We do not want 18-wheelers on our backroads.  We do not want industrial vehicles traveling on roads where our children play. We do not want our properties polluted with car grease, liquids, and rust runoff. We do not want the glow of industrial lights tainting our night skies, clouding the beauty of our rural stars.

Fluvanna is down-home; Fluvanna is country. Let's keep it that way.

We're asking the Fluvanna County Planning Commission and Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors to deny the Special Use Permit request for this junkyard when it comes to their votes on March 13 & 21, 2018, respectively.

This junkyard will be operated by LKQ Corp, a Fortune 500 company with a D- rating, according to the Better Business Bureau. Even their employees don't like them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-b6UDDESYc

Will this bring 40 jobs? Sure, but who's to say those jobs will be given to Fluvanna residents? Will it bring tax revenues? Sure, but so would a mini-mall - at least that would give residents some benefit. How does a junkyard help us? It doesn't. 

County supervisors are elected to represent US - WE make up Fluvanna. WE vote for YOU.  So please, hear what we are saying. Listen to what we want. We're your constituents - you owe us that much. 

If you approve this Special Use Permit, you will be sentencing the hundreds of families in close proximity to these 90-acres to a lifetime of visual and physical pollution, safety concerns, and heavy traffic disrupting our peaceful properties. Some of these families have been there for 40 years; some just recently moved into the bordering Fox Glen subdivision, yet are already looking to move because of what the county is considering. 

Do you really want to run your residents out of their homes, just for some profits?? Does 40 years of property tax payments not mean anything to you?

WE DO NOT WANT THIS. Please listen.

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