Flute Emoji NON-EXISTANT!!! Make It real (insert flute emoji here)

Flute Emoji NON-EXISTANT!!! Make It real (insert flute emoji here)

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Started by Taeya Clarke

As an avid flutist, I would like to tell the UK about the fact that flutes are not recognised well enough in the classical music community. Having no emoji furthermore implies that perhaps big businessmen have a fear of flutes and don't want to make an emoji for them. But here, we can make a change. We can tell big man Bojo and his best friend Mark Suckyberg that flutes are nothing to be afraid of. #Flutes2022 #StandUpForFlutes

~Anonymous 1

I too am a flutist and it is detrimental that the flute emoji comes into existence as I feel it is extremely important in everyday flutist lives. If I were to text my flute buddies that I’m coming to rehersals how could they know what I’m talking about without said flute emoji. We need this to happen we all know that without flute emojis we truly can’t live a great life.
#Freethefluteemoji #Flutes2022

~Anonymous 2

I play many instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, cello and many more but by far my favourite is the flute it sounds very pretty if played nicely and is very recognisable. Since I only started playing the flute recently I have been texting my new flute buddies when I'm going to rehearsals but I don't have a flute emoji to use so I have to write it out. If you are as passionate about flutes as I am or just want a new emoji please sign and free the flute. #flute2022 #weneedflutes #fluteemoji

~Anonymous 3

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!