Fluoridation of Gold Coast Water:Stop Fluoridation Now

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Fluoridation of Gold Coast Water:Stop Fluoridation Now

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Mass medication of the public is both morally wrong and dangerous to our health, especially for unborn children, infants and those with renal conditions. most of the fluoride ends up down the drain at great expense to the tax payer. bring back the free fluoride tablets that were handed out at dentists clinics. medication of any kind must be a personal choice as it is not for everyone and cannot be monitored for individual use as it should be. many governments around the world have stopped adding fluoride to their drinking water and the arguments for this are many and were obviously valid enough for governments and councils to listen and act responsibly. 98%  of Europe is fluoride free, the UK is fluoride free, Japan is fluoride free. we urge the Gold Coast City Council to do the same as many local councils are now being asked to do. stop fluoridation of local drinking water and make fluoride tablets free for those who need it and choose it. it will save councils alot of money and prevent health issues in the future which are costly as well. This is a serious public health issue. Be the leading council in this campaign which is now being pushed by thousands around queensland to each and every local council.

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