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Earth crisis must be cancelled from Fluff fest, they are overtly against abortion.

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Sexism remains a problem in the hardcore scene. According to Earth crisis themselves (and not to a fake interview), some of their members are against abortion personally. In a festival promising to fight sexism, racism and homophobia, a denial of women's rights should not be tolerated. All women have the right to access abortion decently and no woman has any reason to die because she cannot access abortion. As a consequence, I ask the organisation of Fluff to stop programming hardcore bands whose members are overtly against women's rights in their personal beliefs, even when they try to defend themselves as "not being for a ban of abortion". We cannot tolerate the denial of human rights at hardcore shows. 

This petition remains crucial to open the eyes of people at hardcore shows about the hypocrisy of people claiming that they are against sexism, while only considering the bodies of women and women themselves as mere objects. Some people are trying to defend that hypocrisy by claiming that Earth crisis would not be "such assholes" after all, but this is just what they say, that they are against abortion, which reflects their obvious prejudices towards women. Apparently, the person at Fluff who booked Earth crisis is also not interested in fighting sexism, as he answered to me by email that he thinks that abortion is weird. 

This should be really important for the organisation from Fluff Fest to understand that their passivity regarding sexism issues remains highly problematic, and that their booking of Earth crisis creates a space, where a dominant ideology is centered around male prejudices, and women seem only to be tolerated inside that frame of sexist prejudices. A festival fighting sexism should create a space where women can be free of being who they are, without being reduced to objects by the pervasive masculinist prejudices, which are so often expressed by males at hardcore shows. Criticism should remain a priority, if the community really wants to fight sexism, which seems obviously not to be the priority of that person who booked Earth crisis. This kind of passivity should not be accepted, as their responsibility as organisation of the fest is huge, and the space they are creating does not make it suitable for women to attend shows.  


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