Change the “Armuchee Indian” Mascot

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Founded in Rome, Georgia in the 1900s, Armuchee High School is a predominantly white, evangelical, conservative, southern community. As is the case with many areas in the United States; Rome, Georgia has a violent history in regards to the egregious expulsion of Cherokee natives from the area ( Rome is an outdated area and it is obvious that, rather than honoring Native peoples, Floyd County’s use of an “Armuchee Indian” mascot perpetuates harmful caricatures and stereotypes towards America’s first peoples. This is grossly contributing to a disregard for the personhood of Natives. The bigotry is directly exhibited by the use of sacred “Indian” artifacts and dress being worn by white students in an effort to show “school spirit,” by students and faculty engaging in chants and Indian circles, by cheerleaders performing “tribal dances” at games, and etc., all of which trivialize Native American culture and rituals. Due to this, I implore the Armuchee area and community to be on the right side of history - for once. Change your offensive mascot. Human beings who have been forced to leave their homes, humans who have been forced to endure and suffer and die should NOT be reduced to a picture printed on the shirts of willfully ignorant students, parents, and teachers. Especially when it was those of the same race who drove them out of the Armuchee area, historically speaking. We should be ashamed by our collective ignorance.