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Fair dress code for high school girls

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For years, girls have been forced to dress in the attire at school that will not "distract" the boys or anyone else. It has gotten worse and more strict. This is forcing young girls to always conform to the "needs" of boys. This year, the dress code has been enforced more strictly than ever before! In the dress code it states "students shall wear adequate, modest clothing of such style and design determined by the administrative team." This means we have to wear whatever the administrative team considers "adequate" and "modest" The dress code also states it prohibits "ill-fitting clothing that is too baggy." So does my oversized baggy shirt or pants make you uncomfortable? In what way? How would that affect you and your learning environment? It also prohibits "Any shirt that exposes any part of an undergarment." It is no secret girls wear bra's or tank tops. Everyone is aware of this and we are forced to wear those by society. Why should what I wear affect you? If you want to learn, you will no matter what anyone around you is wearing, saying, or doing. We should work together and fight to change these rules for the better! Girls should be able to express themselves and wear what they want without having to worry about if they are distracting a boy. This is teaching us that males being educated is more important than us females.

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