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Floridians: Tell the Legislature to Pass School Choice Bills


Every Florida student deserves to attend an excellent school.

Sadly, 37,000 students were turned away last year from charter schools because lack of space. 97% of those students were on waiting lists for "A" and "B" rated public schools.

We must give Florida students more and better choices. Fortunately, we have an opportunity right now to significantly improve access to high performing schools.

In the next two weeks, the Florida House and Senate will hold final votes on bills that will specifically:

- increase quality school options for Florida kids by making it easier for high performing charter schools to expand;

- allow students of any grade level to leave a failing school and switch to a high performing school in any district; and

- give students with disabilities the option to obtain funding to attend private school.

Florida students should not be forced to attend failing schools just because of their zip code.

Take action today to urge your legislator to pass laws that will help give all Florida students access to excellent schools.

Letter to
Florida State House
Florida State Senate
As this year's legislative session comes to a close, several important education reform bills will be coming to a final floor vote. With the passage of the Student Success Act, this year is already a landmark one for Florida education. I am writing you now to ask for your support on expanding charter schools and empowering parents. Please vote YES on SB 1546/HB 7195 and SB 1822/HB 1331.

In our state, thanks to an effective grading system that tells us how well schools are serving our students, we know we have a number of highly successful charter schools. We also know that last year in Florida, 37,000 students were turned away from charter schools due to lack of space, and 97% of those were on waiting lists for an "A" or a "B" school. HB 7195 and its companion bill SB 1546 address this problem by making it easier for high-performing charter schools to expand.

In addition, HB 1331 and its companion bill SB 1822 enhance school choice by making it easier for parents with children in low-performing schools to move their children to high-performing ones.

I applaud all of the your efforts this year in support of Florida's children, and there is still work to be done. I support SB 1546/HB 7195 and SB 1822/HB 1331 because these bills will help maximize families' options. I ask that you vote YES on this important legislation in support of great educations for Florida's children.

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