Pick A New Florida State Bird

Pick A New Florida State Bird

March 10, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Travis HORN

Help pick an appropriate new Florida State Bird!

We invite all Floridians to help by singing here and nominating a replacement for our current state bird, the Northern Mocking Bird. The current bird is also the state bird in four other states. It's simply not unique to Florida. We can do better!

Thus, we humbly seek to find what we believe will be a more suitable replacement for this ornery and ubiquitous little bird.

After seeking nominations, we'll ask Florida's K-12 students to make history by voting statewide to pick our new state bird in what may be the Florida's largest Science & Civics education project to-date.

We'll need your support for this effort to motivate our legislature to enact legislation making this selection effort official.

Please, sign on to help us select an indigenous bird that is more unique to Florida and worthy of acclaim. We deserve a bird as bright as our Sunshine State!

Are you in? The solution is easy, but getting this done may be harder than well-intentioned coitizes would assume.

Here's what we need make this a reality:

  • Floridians Like You Sharing This Petition
  • Your Nomination for a New State Bird
  • Lobby Statewide Leaders For Consensus and Legislative Awareness
  • Seek Support From Television & Radio News Outlets
  • Educate All Floridians About Better, More Suitable Bird Options
  • Your Ongoing Engagement And Public Support Via Social Media

*For more detailed information contact us at www.NewFloridaStateBird.com

Thank you!

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Signatures: 1,065Next Goal: 1,500
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