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Floridians for Paid Family Leave

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What do we hope to accomplish?

Our hope is to get Florida to pass legislation for Paid Family Leave. This petition is the first step because we need to get a representative to sponsor the bill. 

Why are we starting the petition?

To bring further awareness about the lack of Paid Family Leave (compared with other countries and states) by educating fellow Floridians, as well as to start conversations about the benefits for individuals and the community (including business owners) with our legislators.

Paid Family Leave doesn’t just benefit the family who is taking the leave but society as a whole. When families have a new baby it behooves the government to allow parents to spend as much time with that infant. Enabling the bonding within a family promotes healthy and secure children, and that in turn creates healthy and secure adults that are able to self-regulate and be productive members of society. Paid Family Leave also benefits families who need to take time off to care for a sick loved one. Paid Family Leave is a tool to set families up for success, which decreases numerous burdens on society related to healthcare, missed work, and long-term use of government sponsored programs that costs taxes payers millions of dollars a year.

What can you do? 

  • Sign the petition and contact your local representatives about Paid Family Leave. Be sure to use your legal name and include your zip code (remember, this is just for Floridians and your legislature will want to see how many of his or her constituents have signed).

  • Learn more about the benefits of paid family leave at the end of the petition.
  • Share the petition with other Floridians. 


Dear Representative Lee and Other Members of the Florida State Legislature:

As concerned constituents, we are asking for your support to help ensure that Floridians have access to paid family leave benefits. The United States and Papua New Guinea are the only two countries that do not guarantee paid family leave. There is a high level of bipartisan support for paid family leave among lawmakers and constituents. Currently, only four states (California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York) and Washington D.C., offer some type of paid family leave program.

Paid family leave provides a multitude of benefits such as: reduced healthcare burdens, adequate bonding time with new babies, less stress and more focused members of the workforce, the ability to tend to sick or terminally ill family members all without the economic strain specifically associated with loss of wages. Many parents and caregivers are passively forced to resign from work, burdening families financially and businesses with hiring and training new employees. This cycle also increases the utilization of other government-sponsored programs like SNAP and WIC. No Floridian should have to choose between earning a paycheck and taking care of their family during a time of need.

We provided several resources below to help you learn more about paid family leave and the associated benefits. We ask that you sponsor and support state-based legislation that will guarantee 12 weeks of paid family leave for Floridians. This will be a first step in helping Floridians to take care of their families in the same way people around the world, and even in other states, do.


The undersigned residents of the State of Florida

Learn more about Paid Family Leave:



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