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RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS in Florida over the age of 21 to possess use and grow cannabis

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Floridians For Freedom is a non-partisan statewide group organized in 2015 to pass our “RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS,” a new Florida State constitutional amendment.

RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS [Initiative Serial # 15-20] is a Florida State Constitutional Amendment ballot initiative Petition to legalize cannabis in Florida. This Constitutional Amendment provides and protects the rights of adults’ in Florida who are over the age of twenty-one to possess, use and cultivate cannabis on private property, and within the privacy of our own homes.

A citizen’s ballot initiative is the only way citizens will have the unfettered right here in Florida to grow our own cannabis, for personal use for medicinal or relaxation purposes, on private property, and within the privacy of our own homes.  It is up to the voters of Florida to bring the issue of legal cannabis to the ballot box for a vote because our current politicians refuse to do sol

Most politicians of both major parties have never supported legal cannabis in Florida due to where campaign cash comes rolling in, both from corrupt political donors and corporate PAC slush funds, as is more evident to many people today.

Please Sign the RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS petition found at

Florida Voters must collect nearly one million signatures from other Florida Voters by a certain percentage of votes from each region of the state (from every county, broken down by congressional district boundary lines). We have from now until February 2, 2019 to submit these petitions signed by registered Florida Voters to the Florida Supervisor of Elections office, which provides proof this is an issue the People of Florida themselves wish to address and vote upon.

Our RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS is expected to be on the ballot for all Florida Voters to approve or deny on Election Day, November 3, 2020, when the next Florida Governor’s election is scheduled to take place, a little more than two years from now. We will need the time and help from other Volunteers to collect the million signed petitions we must have.

We follow the same route we had to when passing laws like our Florida SUNSHINE LAWS (1970‘s), our first LAND AND WATER CONSERVATION ACT (1996) our FAIR DISTRICTS ACTS (2010), our second LAND AND WATER CONSERVATION ACT (2014) and our MEDICAL MARIJUANA AMENDMENT II law.  These laws were passed by the citizens of Florida in the face of mega millions of dollars spent on campaigns waged by the Sugar companies, environmental violators, politicians, pharmaceutics, liquor, health care insurance and private prison industries to defeat them.

Once we approve our RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS ballot initiative law in 2018, no one can take away this state constitutional right regarding a citizen’s personal freedom and our right to privacy at home or on private property to use cannabis. Please come and help us in your community, by collecting signed petitions from friends, neighbors and family members.

All Medical Marijuana and Legal Cannabis supporters living in Florida, and to all those tourists and visitors who may come to visit Florida beaches, resorts, friends and family members ---if this issue matters to you, if you care, or you may wish to use cannabis for medicinal or relaxation purposes without fearing arrest, we have a simple THREE STEP PLAN to make sure you can relax here.

Print out a RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS state constitutional ballot initiative petition from our site, sign and date the form after filling it out, if you are a registered Florida Voter.  If you are not a registered Florida Voter, or you live out of state,  yet you know someone who may be interested who does live in Florida,  please let them know about  us.  Ask them to do this.

Print out two more copies; give them to someone you know who is also a registered Florida Voter to fill out and sign. Mail them in to our Melbourne office listed on the petition, or contact a local Floridians For Freedom (FFF) group to arrange pick-up.  We are starting up groups in every county, and could  use your help where you live in Florida.

You can send petitions through our statewide office in Melbourne, Florida ( Your help is more valuable than money, any day.

Votes “count” more than money! American Voters count! You Count! 

Put our Votes all together, and what we say and do counts!

We accept $ 3.00 or whatever small donation you can afford to give. We are funding this citizen’s movement with small donations from Floridians.

Connect with us locally in on Facebook. All 67 Florida counties have a Face Book page, listed by the name of your count, followed by our group, Floridians For Freedom.  [Example: Facebook page for Alachua FLORIDIANS FOR FREEDOM or Marion FLORIDIANS FOR FREEDOM, etc.]

Contact: Chris Kennard                                                                                       Floridians For Freedom       North Central Florida Volunteer Coordinator                      (352) 375-0375 or by email at

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