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Support the Boomer Gracie Act! Family pets are worth more than replacement costs!

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When pets are negligently killed, right now owners are given 'replacement value' as if they were a chair. This bill allows for 'loss of companionship' damages, a first under Florida law.

Boomer, a 12 yr. old arthritic Golden Retriever escaped his yard and was shot by the local police department when he 'growled' as they grabbed his collar to put him in the car. He bled out and died an agonizing death. Because this police department had shot many dogs that year, including some on leashes, they were given extra training after the death of Boomer. But the family was only entitled to 'replacement value',  the heart-wrenching pain they endured due to his violent death meant nothing. This bill changes that. Go to the Boomer's Voice Facebook page for more information on this. Warning: there are graphic photos of Boomer as he bled out and after his death.

A person who is found liable for negligently or intentionally causing serious injury to or the death of a domestic companion animal, police animal, or service animal is
accountable to the owner of such animal for damages including, but not limited to, the following:
 (a) Monetary or replacement value of the animal.
(b) Veterinary expenses incurred in treating the animal.
(c) Reimbursement of animal training expenses, including,  but not limited to, the cost of any specialized training for police animals and service animals.
(d) Burial or cremation expenses.
(e) Loss of breeding potential of the animal.
(f) Loss of companionship.
(g) Punitive damages, if the person is found liable fo recklessly, indifferently, or intentionally causing the serious injury to or death of the animal.

Please contact your representative and tell them you support this law, and please sign the petition!
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