Vacate Bad Court Rulings of Broward Judge Merrilee Ehrlich - Not Fit to Judge 4 Children

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The WORLD saw the "Tyrannical" behavior of Broward County Judge Merrliee Ehrlich the week of April 20, 2018. Her behavior described by Broward's Public Defender Howard Finkelstein as 'shocking' and 'aggressive' and showed a 'lack of emotional fitness to sit on the bench'. 

Ehrlich has lacked "emotional fitness to sit on the bench" and judge other human beings for YEARS.  Sandra Faye Twiggs was sick, in a wheelchair and was just trying to get some air yet Judge Ehrlich continued a verbal assault on her - knowing she was on camera in Bond Court. What happened to Mothers and Fathers in DIVORCE and CHILD CUSTODY Court when cameras were not present was EQUALLY AS SHOCKING and inappropriate.

Please join us in signing this PETITION Demanding that Broward County Court, the Florida Attorney General, the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida 4th District Court of Appeal appoint a SPECIAL panel and process to allow litigants to have legally flawed prejudical orders / judgments reviewed WITH NO ASSUMPTION OF CORRECTNESS.

There are MANY victims of Ehrlich's inability to operate as a judge and make judgments in accordance with Florida Law. If the Florida Court's turn a blind eye and ALLOW her rulings to stand it will be an embarrassment not only to Broward but to the Florida Judicial System as a whole. Judge Weinstein was WARNED!!!

Judge Ehrlich regularly yelled, screamed, REFUSED TO LET ANYONE SPEAK A WORD, stated this is taking too much of my time and made rulings that did not comply with the law. CHILDREN HAVE SUFFERED BECAUSE OF HER DISTORTED - PREJUDICIAL -  UNCONSTITUTIONAL RULINGS.

After denying anyone a due process right to SPEAK Ehrlich lazily picked the more aggressive lawyer to write Orders for her that did not correspond to her verbal orders. SHE SIGNED THEM VERBATIM ANYWAY.

As Finkelstein said, Judge Ehrlich's behavior is an "embarrassment Broward County." The Florida Supreme Court has taken notice of this circus act

Craig Waters the Public Information Officer of the FLORIDA SUPREME COURT told a lawyer who runs a website called Jaablaw, via email:  Waters: "We are very aware of what is happening there. You can be assured that the Florida Supreme Court is looking into the matter in its administrative capacity, but its role is complicated by the fact that judicial ethics cases are legal matters that it must review in its judicial capacity, if a JQC case is brought against any judge in Broward."

MOTHERS AND FATHERS, CHILDREN and now the whole world KNOWS what went on in Judge Ehrlich's Court Room! It was not JUSTICE.

Sign this PETITION - for the Parents and the CHILDREN, Demanding the Florida Courts appoint a SPECIAL appeal panel and process to for review of legally flawed rulings.