Extend Florida’s Eviction Moratorium NOW!

Extend Florida’s Eviction Moratorium NOW!

June 24, 2020
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Started by Palm Beach County Tenants Union

We are calling on you, Florida Chief Justice Charles Canady, to extend the statewide eviction moratorium deadline NOW for at least 90 days.

Justice Canady, do you want to be responsible for millions of the poorest families being thrown out in the street in the middle of a deadly pandemic for no fault of their own? 

Do you think it’s right that landlords get bailed out and mortgage relief, then turn around and evict their tenants? 

Do you think it’s okay that most tenants have received no relief other than a crummy stimulus check (if that), no state or federal unemployment benefits, no CARES Act relief funds, and yet they’ll be thrown out in the streets for losing their jobs from a pandemic and shut down that they didn’t ask for?

Do you want to overwhelm local service agencies, to cause a historic homeless crisis, and further spread Covid-19 among some of the most vulnerable at-risk people?

Do you want to be responsible for massive Hooverville tent cities that will pop up in cities and towns all throughout Florida?

Do you realize that black and brown tenants will be the greatest impacted and that they live disproportionately in toxic housing that causes severe respiratory issues, rendering them at greatest risk of losing their life from Covid-19?

Do you want sheriff eviction raids in black and brown neighborhoods to throw their families and their belongings out on the streets, resulting in a spree of deadly violence from racist police?

Do you want this blood on your hands?

Do you want the blame for this catastrophic traumatizing loss to millions of families on you?  

Do you want culpability for the great homelessness crisis in the history of Florida?

Justice Canady, do the right thing and extend the moratorium for 90 days at the very least.


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Signatures: 168Next Goal: 200
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