Keep Our Communities Safe and Stop Those Charged With Murder From Receiving a Bond

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Crystal Howes Schulz
Crystal Howes Schulz signed this petition

My son, 20 years old was murdered 1/2/19.   His was the 1st murder in Jacksonville, FL in 2019.  To date, there have been 102 murders already this year!  The one charged with my sons murder not only faces Murder 2 but two counts of attempted second degree murder and a charge of shooting at a moving vessel.  He was just given the opportunity to bond out of jail!  He originally had a 500,000 bond and it was reduced to 110,000 courtesy of Judge Maureen Horkan who also agreed to waive the monitoring fees for his ankle bracelet.  There should be absolutely NO REASON why someone who is facing a murder charge, much less 3, should have the opportunity to be free at any point until the charges are resolved.  There are too many times an accused is released on bond and they commit another offense. This puts our community at risk!  At what point do we quit giving criminals so many rights and start protecting the law abiding citizens? I would say that time is now!!! Laws need to be changed to protect the innocent (those facing no charges)  not those facing murder charges! It's time for much needed bond reform.