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Save our Teens from being Convicted Sex Offenders

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Please help me change the Florida Lewd & Lascivious Law in order to protect our teens from being convicted as Sexual Predators in the event they have consensual sex with anyone between the ages of 14 to 18. I agree with anyone that states our children are growing up too fast especially when they have a smart phone in hand that can answer all intuitive questions that they have & expose our children to sites that no parent wants their child to see regardless of their age. I also feel that our children should wait to have sex until they are adults however, that doesnt always happen & in todays world our children are exposed to far worse things then just sex! My son is just 17 yrs old and met his girlfriend right on his 16th birthday she was 14yr old. Needleess to say he fell in love and he & his girlfriend have been together ever since. Her mother and I spoke in depth about the possibility of the two having sex and trying to be cautious as parents (single mothers at that) we both agreed that birth control be in place just in case our teens did make a mistake that could cost them the rest of their lives being young parents & not completing high school. Never did we condone them having sex however we didnt think it was against the law if it did happen. Today my child is sitting in a jail for Juvenile offenders & he is being charged with Lewd & Lascivious Battery which is a Felony 2 in the state of Florida and if charged my son could spend 5 yrs in prison, he  will have to register as a Sex Offender, go door to door & tell our neighbors that he is a sex offender and not be allowed to live near a school and his life will truly be ruined for possibly having sex when he was 16 yrs old & she was 14 yrs old.  At the time he was accused 1/28/16, almost a yr later he is being arrested and charged. Please sign my petition to make the law consensual at age 14 not 16 & protect our childen from the system! This could happen to you & your child could be facing the same fate as my son! 

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