Decision Maker Response

Janet Cruz’s response

Oct 15, 2019 — Let me start by thanking all of you. This process works much better—the way it should—when the people are engaged. Signing this petition and becoming more aware of this issue that affects so many people in our great state is just the first step. This is a process, and unfortunately, it takes time and quite a bit of collective effort. I filed my bill, SB 116 Prescription Insulin Drugs, after seeing the great work Representative Dylan Roberts accomplished in Colorado. I know the same is possible in Florida, and will need the support of all of you to ensure this bill can achieve that same result.

In The Florida Senate, bills are referred to committees. In order for a vote to take place on the Senate Chamber Floor, and be presented to the Governor (at which point he can sign or veto if it has passed through both the Senate and House) each bill must be voted favorably through all of its referred committees. SB 116’s first committee of reference is Banking and Insurance, led by Chair Doug Broxson.

It is my hope all of you to continue to take an active role in this endeavor. I know lives are at stake, my own mother has quietly struggled with affording her insulin as a diabetic, and I know firsthand how burdensome it was for her. This isn’t about whether or not the large pharmaceutical companies, the pharmacy benefit managers, or the insurance companies are to blame—it doesn’t matter. We need to remove the patients from the equation. These entities have the capital and power to fight amongst one another over rebates and contracts, and that should be the fight, not diabetics fighting to survive.