Petition against the outlaw of hog dog hunting in Florida and other states.

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To all humans that eat food to servive. To all hunters, to all that don't understand why we do what we do.  Save the long tradition of hog/dog hunting. Sgin this petition for further generations and to save our rights and laws before they take them all away from us,  there are people trying to stop our way of life just because they don't understand.  They say it crul and inhuman but I bet they have never tryed to look at our way of life and why we believe in the use of dogs to hunt hogs.  Please save our right to hunt as individuals. Even save the dogs rights to hunt. And if you are a person that dose not hog/dog hunt sign this petition and help us. Try to understand that it is your choice not to be a hunter.  So give us the choice to be hunters.  And give us the choice to use dogs, it's not like we don't force dogs to hunt hogs. They have a choice also.  Every dog I have ever hunted hogs with chose as a young dog with it's own free will to want to hunt hogs.  Those dogs that choose not to hunt go to people as non hunting dogs.  But a dog that chooses to hunt we take hunting and they love the sport as much as any person out there.  I recently had a hog/dog that passed away of plan, old age! He wouldn't hurt a fly and was the most lovable dog anyone could have ever had as a companion. I had a bond with that hog/ dog that most people could not give.  And our favorite thing to do together was hog hunt.  I said the word hunting and he would get so excited, you would have to take him to calm him down.  As for the hogs in the situation,  when we harvest them useing means of dogs and a nife. They do not suffer.  Being up and personal with the hog by means of hunting with dogs.  Gives up the opportunity to harvest the hogs with the quickest way possible.  And as doing so provided our family and friends with food.  They say hunting a hog with a nife is a longer death than with a gun.  But I beg to differ,  this is a matter of opinion.  Sometimes you can shoot at a hog and miss the marke you where aming for with a gun.  This means a longer time till death. As for up close and personal with the dogs and a nife you never miss the spot your gonna hit.  For the most part we need support to keep the laws that are already established.  The people signing to take these laws away only understands that it doesn't affect them at all. So course they don't want us to have rights too hog/dog Hunt.  Thank you for your support!  


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