Investigate the Link between Psychiatric Drugs and Senseless Violence

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CCHR is imploring officials to investigate the very real possibility that the dangerous side effects of psychotropic drugs are the bottom of these tragedies.

For the past 20 years, CCHR has been investigating and exposing the correlation between mass murder, violent crime, suicide and psychiatric drugs. During this time CCHR has reported that those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs have committed at least 36 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence.[1] This interrelationship is not surprising when it is taken into account that psychiatric drugs have been documented by 27 international drug regulatory agency warnings, including the U.S. FDA, to cause side effects of mania, hostility, violence, and even homicidal ideation in a percentage of those prescribed.[2]

An investigation into the link is long overdue when you take into consideration that between 2004 and 2012 the FDA’s safety information and adverse event reporting program, known as MedWatch, received a staggering 14,773 reports of psychiatric drugs causing violent side effects, including 1,531 cases of homicidal ideation/homicide, 3,287 cases of mania, and 8,219 cases of aggression.

We are asking that the following be done:

  1. Legislative hearings should be held to fully investigate the correlation between psychiatric treatment and violence and suicide.
  2. Toxicology testing for psychiatric and even illicit drugs should be mandatory in cases where someone has committed a mass shooting or other serious violent crime, the information from which would become part of a national database that all branches and levels of law enforcement could access. For example, a New York Assembly Bill introduced in 2015, would have required police agencies to report to the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) on certain crimes and suicides committed by a person who was using psychotropic drugs. These crimes included assault, homicide, sex offenses, robbery offenses, firearms and other dangerous weapons offenses, kidnapping and arson. A report on psychiatric drug usage in such crimes would regularly be made public to identify which drugs are most associated with violence.
  3. Train law enforcement officers, school security and teachers in the adverse effects of psychotropic drugs in order to recognize that irrational, violent and suicidal behavior in persons they may face could be influenced by these drugs.

For more information on psychiatric drugs and side effects, please download the free online report “Psychiatric Drugs: Create Violence & Suicide”.

[1] 36 School shooters/school related violence committed by those under the influence of psychiatric drugs

[2] Another Mass Shooting, Another Psychiatric Drug—27 Drug Warnings and 1,531 Cases of Drug-Induced Homicidal Ideation Back Need for Federal Investigation