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Floridians voted for Amendment 2 - Honor the will of the voter. Do NOT blend into CBD law

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On November 9, 2016 Irvin Rosenfeld (the longest surviving Federal Medical Marijuana Patient in the Nation and 30+ year Florida resident/voter) and I woke to the dawn of a new day, and a resounding vote in FAVOR of medicinal cannabis in Florida. Amendment 2 had garnered the support of 71.3% of Floridians, more votes than anything else on the ballot.

We were overjoyed! Irvin's wish for so many years of having a medical marijuana law in his home state had come true. Floridians could finally have access and hopefully the same rights as Irvin does with his medicine. Florida Veterans would FINALLY have the same rights as their counterparts in other medical marijuana states and be honored with respect, compassion, and relief rather than being treated as if they were criminals.

Our joy was short lived. It soon became apparent the will of Florida voters was not going to be honored. Senate Bill 1030 from 2014 was being implemented, and the Department of Health's Office of Compassionate Use is looking to "blend" the Constitutional Amendment into their Vertically integrated program developed for SB 1030 creating a Monopoly, and disregarding the will and intent of the voter.

Please see this story: How Governor Rick Scott Rigged Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program For Profiteers

The Patients and Voters have been very aware of what is going on, and when the Office of Compassionate Use went around the state holding Public Workshops on Medical Marijuana Implementation, the workshops were standing room only, and very emotional and passionate. 

See all workshops here: Public Workshop on Medical Marijuana Implementation

*Note - there are links to all 5 workshops from the links above. All hearings were 2 hours long with virtually NO opposition. The People are speaking, and they demand compassion!*

We speak on behalf of thousands upon thousands of Florida voters when we say "Honor our will and intent"

With that said, please view the Amendment 2: Analysis of Intent

If you agree with us, Please sign and share this petition. Let the Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives, and Florida Governor Rick Scott know how you feel and that you want them to respect the will and intent of Voters, and Amendment 2.

Don't stop there - share this petition, and be sure to reach out to your own representatives locally. Reach out to your city and county officials, compel them to compel the state to honor the will of the voter. Reach out to your House Representative and State Senator and compel them to do the same.

We fought long and hard to get Amendment 2 passed, and the fight hasn't stopped, it's just beginning. ACT NOW to keep your elected officials on the path to compassion, access, affordability, and a horizontally integrated system. 

Contact Your Elected Officials

For Questions or Assistance please contact us at My Medicine Consulting this issue is so very important to us. Patients need and DESERVE compassion and understanding. We're here to help.

Be sure to send us an e-mail or call about any experiences you have going through this process, both good and bad. Together we can move mountains and even though Florida is very flat, we have a Mountain to move in Tallahassee.

Thank you for joining us on this fight for patients rights. 



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