Teachers Against Arming Teachers

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The Stoneman Douglas Shooting has ignited our State and Country to come up with a solution to the problem of gun violence on school grounds. One idea floating around is the idea of arming certain teachers or school leaders with guns.  I very much agree that our schools need to be better protected. We need to create safer buildings and improve our response to dangerous situations.  However, arming a teacher or school leader is not the answer.

Create this image in your head: There is an active shooter. I have 23 student in my classroom.  I leave them to engage a shooter because now I am no longer their teacher, I am a First Responder. My students are crying and alone.  They hear shots. I am shot but, not by the shooter.  Instead, I am shot by officers that  view me as the active shooter. Remember, I am in plain cloth holding a weapon during an active shooting situation. I have just distracted the officers from searching for the shooter.  The shooter continues to terrorize the school. Every minute counts. Children die. 

As a teacher, I am expected to accomplished 100's of task on a daily basis. I am ill equipped with the support and  materials needed to complete the job that I love and am trained to complete.   I am trained to help students with educational and emotional needs but the moment they need additional support- I hear the caseload is to large and the services  they need can not be provided by the district or state. Yet, everyday I fight for my students. I work to help provide them with the tools they may need to be positive and productive adults. We say the pledge, we love our country. Stand with us. 

How dare you ask me to carry a gun.  I ask the Legislative body, do you carry a gun? No! YOU are protected.  I ask that you PROTECT US... with sensible gun laws and funding to provide preventative services to students in need. 

You can keep your bonus.

We are Teachers Against Arming Teachers 

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