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If you live in FL and you were one of the 71% who voted in favor of medical cannabis, please sign this petition and also take a minute and email/call your elected legislators using the link below. They are not respecting the will of the people and are essentially robbing us of this amazing opportunity by monopolizing and handcuffing the industry. If they don't hear from the voters now, we will have lost this legislature will have stolen this from the people. 

An overwhelming majority voted in favor of medical cannabis and we demand a holistic approach that benefits the state, benefits the patients and can benefit a potentially flourishing industry. Not just 7 hand picked cartels who have a monopoly on the industry.We want a competitive free-market driven program where competition breeds innovation.

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Over 71% of FL voters need to be respected. We want a free-market driven medical cannabis program which respects the will of the people. We voted for sensible access to medical cannabis and we demand the opportunity to participate in a free-market program where competition breeds innovation. Gov scott and his monopolized cartel of 7 growers does not suffice and is a slap in the face of Florida's voters, We will not stand for this and will vote out all politicians who do not stand for their constituents.

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