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VOTE NO ON HB 1389 & SB 1618

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These bills (HB 1389 & SB 1618) would dramatically damage thousands of small businesses across the State. 

This legislation would remove the regulation of the limousine industry from local county and municipal jurisdictions’ and move it to the State. This bill would effectively destroy the limousine industry in the State of Florida.  This bill would only benefit a company like UBER and it is my sincere belief that this legislation is UBER’s response to their defeat in December by the Miami Dade County Commissioners.

The very last thing we need is to create is a bureaucratic boondoggle that would sap the life out of our already struggling industry. The rules associated with this bill and the penalties for non-compliance are completely out of touch with reality.

Our companies are local companies that provide thousands of jobs in our state. Our companies need to be regulated on the local level.  In every county across the state our associations and industry leaders meet regularly with our local regulators to provide useful input on current issues and problems. Enforcement handled on a local level is an extremely useful and effective way to protect the riding public against illegal operators and rogue apps. Please do not send jobs out of our county to Tallahassee and Silicon Valley.  Thank you for your consideration


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