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The criminal justice system should focus on getting it right.

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I was charged with a violent crime that I did not commit. I was going to report criminal activity at my place of business and instead was charged with a crime. I knew of a coworkers criminal activity, having opioids delivered to our work, and I notified that person I was going to expose their criminal activity. That coworker called police saying I threatened physical violence so I would not have a chance to report their criminal activity. They lied to police and under oath in court (which I have proof) and I never had a chance to defend myself. The police and the prosecution only listened to their side and charged and prosecuted me for a crime I did not commit based solely off of the other persons lies. The criminal justice system needs to revolve around getting it right and not just going after a conviction. Innocent lives are destroyed because getting it right is not their priority. The criminal justice system should revolve around prosecuting people for crimes they committed. Getting it right should be the priority of all those involved, including police investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges. 

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