Reduce 30 Year Sentence for a Minor Non Violent drug deal

Reduce 30 Year Sentence for a Minor Non Violent drug deal

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Danny Knight started this petition to Florida State Senate and

Petition to the Governor of the State and or Florida law makers.  

Please review and reduce this extremely harsh 30 year sentence for a non-violent minor drug deal with no victim .  

30  years is the sentence handed to Daniel Knight on a single low level drug charge . The amount of drugs involved is around the same weight as a few American coins , or just 10 grams. Daniel has had only 2 prior arrests, also non-violent. 

The only charge in this case was 10 grams of MDMA (Ecstasy)
Daniel sold 100 pills to an under cover agent in Jacksonville, Fl. in 2001

Daniel was busted at his apartment while he was on ecstasy at the time.  He was then taken to jail where signed a plea deal while he was still high, he was released the next day.

In the plea deal Daniel signed his name & waived his rights to a trial with the agreement he would go back to the apartment as if nothing happened & try to lure in ecstasy buyers and sellers for the Sheriffs office to arrest.

It was clear that could never have worked as several people were arrested with Daniel at the apartment as well as all the neighbors next door and people living in the apartment below were friends with Daniel & they all witnessed the raid & drug bust.

Sobering up the the realization of what his friends & neighbors told him had happened. Daniel left to Wisconsin where he worked under his own Social for the next 6 years. There was no new arrest ever. Daniel was a legal honest tax payer with the same job until 2007 when he filed for medical insurance.

Only by filing for medical insurance was his name recognized as someone with a warrant in Florida. Agents caught up with him & brought him back to Florida.

No one was ever hurt, the only victim here is Daniel J. Knight

Typically this crime with the arrest history would get a 3 to 5 year sentence.

No trial for this case was ever offered.  

 The judge who sentenced Daniel was new to the bench and gave no explanation for such a harsh sentence.   This 1 term judge was voted out after repeatedly being in the news over his many senseless decisions, most of which were releasing known violent criminals back to the streets.

Millions of Florida tax dollars will be spent to keep this non-violent convict  incarcerated for most of his life.  

Options to free or release Daniel Knight from state custody to his family: 

  1) Reduce the sentence to more suite the actual crime

  2)  Accept the States recommendation of 15 years with credit for time served.

  3) Grant  Clemency 

  4) Reopen the original case & go to trial

The state prosecutor recommended a maximum 15 year  sentence 
Daniel has already served 13+ years

New evidence must be found or a mistake discovered to get an approved appeal and a court date for a trial.  To do this Daniel would need an attorney. Cost= $20-$30 thousand dollars with no guarantee. 
1) Daniel's plea was signed illegally. 
2) The prosecutor lied to the judge multiple times. 
3) The public defender failed adequate representation. 

 CLEMENCY : Daniel is eligible and has already served 13+ years
as a role model prisoner who has achieved an Associates degree in Theology
Clemency typically requires a signature from the Governor which is not common in Florida.


Please Donate to the GoFundMe link below :

Email: vidaknight

Send written letters to Daniel :

Daniel J. Knight DC 305757

Zephyrhills Correctional Institution

2739 Gall Boulevard

Zephyrhills, Florida 33541-9701


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!