Don't Charge SunPass Users When Your System Is Down

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Since June 1, 2018, the SunPass customers have not been able to see their transactions because the system was down. We use these toll roads for work, vacation, school, church and other places. Some of us who depend on the SunPass to collect tolls for work are not able to get the transaction activity to get reimbursed from our employers. Now when the system goes back and running again, it's going to be a huge bill for people that have been using SunPass since June 1. Some of us have auto pay on our accounts. Why should we, the SunPass customers, have to pay for tolls while the system was down when it was the fault of Conduent and SunPass? We deserve to have a break from the tolls while your system was down and should not have to pay for the tolls! I am requesting that you waive all tolls from when the system was down and make Conduent responsible and have THEM pay for the tolls!