Changing provisions to the Baker Act, Gun Control, Police and Mental Health in Florida

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Proposals to change provisions to the Baker Act, Gun Control, Mental Health System and Law enforcement school policy

The purpose of this document is to propose the State and Federal levels new measures to be implemented in the revision of the following appendices and they must be legally implemented.

Considering your comment to make the necessary changes, with the aim that our society should have a better future.

Advocating for Schools System Integrity and Safeguard

Implementing weapons detector in every schools.
Allow to gather information about social-media with allegations of criminal activities or other suspected activity that can lead to prevent an school tragedy.
Review the IEPs Law 504 plans and implement new measurements.
Training teachers and educational personnel to understand children with special needs as well as substitute teachers.
Training teachers and substitute teachers to understand children of all ages.
Training teachers to recognize students with behavioral problems and facilitate a following procedures with families, health institutions and law enforcement entities.
Advocate to promote faster procedures and follow up to a individual with mental issues.
Special training to the schools security personnel.
Advocate to review the law of the control of high caliber weapons, a criminal and mental illness background must be verify before acquiring any weapon. Limited to 25 years old the acquisition of any weapon. Special educational training to any individual before acquiring a weapon.
Legislatively approve by the state of Florida to the following measures approved by Miami Dade County on February 12, 2018. And review any other changes to the Baker Act.
Ensure that school administrators exhaust all means at their disposal before requesting the intervention of the police.
Ensuring that school administrators exhaust all means at their disposal prior to requesting law enforcement intervention.
Allowing for additional individuals authorized by students’ parents/guardians to be contacted to assist in the event of a student crisis.
Leveraging private medical transport services to transport students in crisis to the nearest mental health receiving facility, as needed.
Requiring the consultation and approval of a high-ranking command officer in cases involving the potential use of the Baker Act with a young student.
Enhancing crisis intervention training for all police officers.
Allowing a school staff member to accompany a nonviolent student being transported during an involuntary Baker Act procedure.
In other words, to eliminate the handcuffing of young children without handcuffing police’s ability to protect them.
Ensure as we put our heads and hearts together to serve children, we must move forward with compassion but continue to enforce the safety of ours schools.