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Brittany Lay and Donald " Donnie" Pollitt Law

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On August 23rd 2015 we were hit by a DRUNK DRIVER that took the lives of two people 19  year old Brittany Lay and 52 year old Donald "Donnie " Pollitt. It also left four other victims with life altering injuries. Natacha Alvarado 34, Veronica Pollitt 43, Timothy Smith 45 and Anthony Smith 18. The drunk drivers alcohol level was a 0.245 the legal limit in Florida is .08. THE DRUNK DRIVER was not arrested until 2 months after the accident. This person was also given a bond after killing our loved ones. The charges brought against him were DUI Manslaughter with a bond set for $320,000.00 for killing people. When we look at other situations when others have killed under the influence they have million dollar bonds or no bond at all in this same state. I have done research on other DUI cases where people have been killed and the person responsible has been charged with Vehicular Homicide for excessive speed and DUI Manslaughter. All of these factors from this accident and others fall in our case as well. Their was excessive speed, there was deaths there was alcohol and also pills. This person had no regard for anyone lives but, his own. He took away our right to live with our loved ones and he took the right for us to live as we once did. We are asking for the law to change that the charges be changed. We feel that anyone that makes the decision of getting behind a wheel that has been drinking or even using drugs and causes an accident where people are killed be charged with a Homicide. The intent of killing innocent people is their when you get behind a wheel and know you should not be driving because you are under the influence of drugs or ALCOHOL. Their should not be any debate about charging a person who takes a life by drunk driving differ from a person who kills one by a gun or any other weapon. In my eyes a VEHICLE is a weapon especially when a person is intoxicated and decides to drive. WE are asking for this law to change so that people that drink and drive and kill someone or people be charged with a homicide. We need to have the law rewritten so that these people who choose to drive with some type of impairment will be punished according to the standards of the law which is Homicide. Homicide should be applied to a person who commits this crime and takes a life or lives of innocent people by drinking and driving. We the ones who love Brittany and Donnie want justice for them we want people to know that these two people were loved by and missed by many and their legacy should continue and change how the state of Florida charges these people who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol. If we are able to win this change we believe that people would think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car and causing heartache to innocent families. Brittany and Donnie were so full of life and so much to live for and it was cut short because of one person and their bad decision. Help us change how Florida charges these individuals that  kill someones loved ones. As I have stated before, if a person kills another with a gun they are charged with a homicide. Their is no difference when you do the same with a vehicle. Let's stop slapping these people on the wrist and punishing the victims families lets start really punishing these criminals and keep them off these streets. No bond for murders NO BOND for DUI Homicides or Manslaughter. 

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