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Make the Florida Scrub-jay the new state bird

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Each day, thousands of Americans all across the country awaken to the calls of the common mockingbird, the official state bird of five states.  However, only a select few Floridians have the privilege of waking to the cries of the rare Florida Scrub-jay.

Not only is the Florida Scrub-jay the only bird endemic to Florida, but it is also a threatened species that becomes rarer each day as human development projects build over the homes of this low-nesting species. And as human cities expand, groups of feral cats venture further into the scrub-jays' nesting grounds to eat the birds and their babies, inadvertently allowing developers to build without hindrance from the laws that would protect the scrub-jays.

According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension, only 3000-4000 family groups remain after a 80-90% decline over the last century, so action must be taken immediately to prevent further decline.  By making the Florida Scrub-jay the new state bird, we can raise awareness about the plight of this dwindling species and save the mating pairs that remain before this little bird leaves the earth forever.

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