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Corey's Story 14 year old wrongfully convicted! 58 year prison sentence!!!

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March 2010 14-year-old Corey L Sutton was wrongfully accused of crimes he did not commit. He was illegally detained and held without bond for attempted murder, robbery, and sexual assault. The only evidence of Corey's presence at the Hyatt Hotel in Lakeland Florida was a recorded image without sound of Corey asking where the bathroom was located. Corey was detained and questioned without being read his Miranda rights and no adult present. The only notification his mother had was Corey's face plastered across the news. After contacting Lakeland County police, she was told had Corey ran they would have shot and killed him. This was the same police department that Corey played football for over four years.



Corey's' mom asked to be present during his interrogation. She noticed he wasn't his usual self and appeared lethargic. She believed Corey was drugged by the detectives and asked that questioning stop immediately. During the time Corey's mother Arica Reddick was in the waiting room with family, friends and Corey's teachers she saw the officers high fiving, clapping, and congratulating each other. The detectives stated we have our confession. Dr. Kremper a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida met with Corey for six hours and stated his confession was coerced, he did not commit this crime.



Corey was held 2 years during discovery in April 2012, Corey was "Direct Filed and Charged as an adult. He had no prior convictions and was still denied bond. During his pretense of a trial none of his witnesses could testify. The evidence at the crime scene was not filed. He had no marks or bruises on his body and naked pictures of him were taken by the Lakeland County Police department. The victim said she scratched and fought her attacker, yet no marks were found on Corey. He was not selected in a six man line up. His DNA was considered tainted and not allowed to prove his innocence.


16-year-old Corey lost his case and was given 58 years for a crimes he did not commit. Due to his size and height he has been unfairly treated and represented as if he could control genetics. He was placed in an adult prison with hardened criminals-. He has lost 50 pounds! His vision is almost gone! He has been stabbed seven times! He has attempted suicide! His mother has gone bankrupt and now works two jobs!



His mother hired an attorney to represent Corey during the appeal process. The state of Florida appellate court denied his appeal and gave no reason for explanation so the defense could not cite a reason to reopen this case.



Corey who at the time of this injustice was an honor student and athlete deserves to go back to a normal life outside of a locked confined space. We are asking Corey to be allowed an appeal and a fair trial. The prosecutor’s office should honor the law. Instead conviction numbers are more important and the real offender can harm/kill someone else. Give Corey his day of justice and allow his appeal.

As a note of reference: Polk County is constantly questioned for police and legal corruption. This has caused community unrest and a lack of regard for policing.  This is one case in hundreds that have stemmed from unfair law practices.


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