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Help Keep Personal Injury Protection Benefits in Florida!

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Floridians, your help is needed!

Currently, several bills are being introduced into the Senate and the House proposing to end Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits in Florida in exchange for mandatory Bodily Injury coverage. House Bill 1063 and Senate Bills 1766 & 1768 are proposing the repeal of Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law & requirements for personal injury protection coverage.

What does this mean for you?

PIP is an extension of your car insurance that provides medical and lost wage coverage should you ever get hurt in an accident, regardless of fault. Think of having little pocket of health insurance in one’s car insurance in case of injury whether you were at fault in an accident or not. PIP provides a minimum of $10,000 in medical coverage benefits for injuries sustained in an automobile accident. In Florida, over 300,000 automobile accidents are reported each year. The magnitude of the number of accidents that occur yearly leave no other option than to have an avenue for medical treatment for injuries sustained in an automobile accident, which is why PIP is so important.  

If the proposed House and Senate bills to end PIP should pass, 3.6 million Floridians without health insurance coverage will be left facing detrimental financial repercussions in the event of injury caused by an automobile accident. And with the uncertainty of the future of the nation’s healthcare system, the number of uninsured individuals may only be on the rise. Those individuals who do have health insurance should expect to see an increase in health insurance premiums as private health insurance companies will be held responsible for the reimbursement of services rendered for injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The proposed bills are advocating to save Floridian’s an average of $81.00 a year by lowering automobile insurance premiums with the elimination of PIP, but the reality is that the costs will just be shifted to health insurance premiums.

What does no PIP and mandatory Bodily Injury coverage mean for you?

If the proposed bills to end PIP should pass, treatment for injuries sustained in an automobile accident faces a long and costly future for all parties involved. The House and Senate bills are proposing a reduction of the mandatory requirement for medical coverage benefits to a $5,000.00 med pay minimum. Afterwards, the pending resolution of medical expenses will be reliant on a Bodily Injury claim that is only available to parties that are found not at fault in an automobile accident. This option will only increase litigation pertaining to automobile accident cases, further clogging the court system. The lengthy process of a Bodily Injury claim results in automobile accident victims having to wait much longer for a resolution of medical expenses, creating a state of financial uncertainty pending the outcome of the BI dispute, which sometimes can take years to resolve. Those who have had the misfortune of needing emergency care at a hospital know firsthand that a few hours can quickly amount into a $50,000 bill. This is a great burden for anyone to be left pending for years. The drawn-out process to resolve outstanding medical charges may also compel medical providers to turn away victims of automobile accidents to avoid financial impact, denying patients necessary treatment.  If you are at fault in an accident, there will be zero recourse and no ability to receive treatment without health insurance, forcing at-fault parties into making the decision to incur debt as a mean for treatment.

How you can help!

The safety and well-being of Floridian motorists holds a greater value than any monetary savings can provide, especially an insignificant savings of $81.00. By signing this petition, you and I together can fight to keep the Personal Injury Protection benefits that offer peace of mind should any one of our loved ones ever get hurt in an automobile accident, regardless of fault. With your signature, every Florida resident will be provided with the reassurance of medical expense coverage when hurt in an accident, especially when health insurance is not an option.


You can further help by contacting your Florida Senate and House representative and urge them to oppose the proposed bills to end PIP. To find your respective representative, click on the links below. 



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