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Reverse Florida’s House Bill 49 Prohibition on Glass Pipes - Sign the Petition

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We insist that you change laws that ban glass pipes and bongs in Florida State.

Many Floridians are against Bill 49 because it is unconstitutional and not ethical to take away any American’s rights to freedom of expression. It stops glass blowers from having the ability to express who they are and make a living with their artwork. No government should have the ability to take away anyone’s right to freedom of expression.

The punishments for breaking this law are totally unreasonable. The government considers the use or possession of what they feel is “drug paraphernalia” to be a third degree felony. This means that if a person has a and unused pipe, they will become a Felon and they'll no longer have the right to vote!

We have a plan to change this bill.

American citizens everywhere need to let the authorities know that we will not continue to let them take away our rights and we must stand up for our right to freely express ourselves. We believe in the 10th Amendment which says that the Federal Government must only pass laws on issues that the Constitution actually has power over.

Join us and let’s reverse Florida’s Bill 49!

At, we feel that Americans should not be stripped of their personal right to freely express themselves and believe that bill 49 should be repealed so folks may continue to sell water pipes and bongs. 

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