Say NO to Anti-Abortion Bills in Florida

Say NO to Anti-Abortion Bills in Florida

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Robert People started this petition to Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson and

On Wednesday, September 1, a Texas law that bans most abortions went into effect. This refers to once cardiac activity is detected in the embryo, which happens near about the sixth week of pregnancy.

This law does NOT make exceptions for rape or incest. In other words, if rape or incest were to happen, if a woman reaches the sixth week of pregnancy, abortion would be against Texas law.

The only exceptions are health reasons, but this according to the law these would only include if the pregnancy could endanger the mother's life or could cause major and/or irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.

As of September 2, according to the Miami Herald, Florida Republican lawmakers are already working on what they are calling an "abortion heartbeat bill." A statement from Florida Senate Leader Wilton Simpson's office says that he calls the law "encouraging."

Florida's next legislative session begins January 2022, and by that time they will likely have any anti-abortion bills prepared. And to stay on par with Texas, there is a good chance that they will push for the bills to be passed during this session.

We need to put a stop to this. There is no way that in 2021, women are still having to fight for rights.

Especially with what she does WITH HER OWN BODY.

As of the creation of this petition, September 3, more than 645,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, and with a new variant in existence, along with masks still not being required everywhere (to include schools), that number sadly will continue to rise. 

It is sad and sickening that any state places more emphasis on taking a woman's rights away than doing their part to end a pandemic.

Many Conservatives in favor of this brand of legislation might say that they are "pro-life." However, many of these same Conservatives do not express that same sentiment in regard to migrant children who are still in cages at our Southern border, migrant parents who traveled with those children here, Blacks who are murdered by police, and children who are murdered in schools by mass shooters.

Also, there are absolutely no laws that restrict a man's responsibility and role in the pregnancy and last I checked, women cannot exactly get pregnant by themselves. So it is clear that this is more about restricting a woman's rights than caring about someone's life.

This petition is NOT to encourage abortion. It is to allow women to retain control of their bodies. This is what is called "pro-choice."

On top of this, single mothers who are on or need government assistance receive a great deal of scrutiny also. So not only are they forced to carry on with an unwanted pregnancy that could be a result of rape or incest, but they should be shamed for needing government assistance as well?

Please sign this petition and let the Florida Legislature know that we cannot let this happen. We do not need to follow Texas' lead and take rights away from women. Enough is enough. As men, our bodies are not regulated nearly as much, if at all, as women, as we need to get in front of this and discourage the passing of ANY bill that restricts a woman's right to choose what she does with HER body.

Our country is in many ways, going in the wrong direction. Many will be documented as being on the WRONG side of history. Please sign this petition and seal your place as NOT one of those people.

Thank you.

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