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Convict Shellie Zimmerman Of Perjury & Structuring To The 1st Degree

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She lied to the public and the judge saying that she had no money nor did George. She and George secretly had $135,000 dollars that George's supporters had sent them. She hid evidence and she needs to be imprisoned tampering with evidence and for lying under oath.


We also want her charged with structuring to the first degree. The punishment is a $250,000 fine and 30 years up to prison.



903.035 Applications for bail; information provided; hearing on application for modification; penalty for providing false or misleading information or omitting material information.—

(1)(a) All information provided by a defendant, in connection with any application for or attempt to secure bail, to any court, court personnel, or individual soliciting or recording such information for the purpose of evaluating eligibility for, or securing, bail for the defendant, under circumstances such that the defendant knew or should have known that the information was to be used in connection with an application for bail, shall be accurate, truthful, and complete without omissions to the best knowledge of the defendant. (b) The failure to comply with the provisions of paragraph (a) may result in the revocation or modification of bail. (2) An application for modification of bail on any felony charge must be heard by a court in person, at a hearing with the defendant present, and with at least 3 hours’ notice to the state attorney. (3) Any person who intentionally provides false or misleading material information or intentionally omits material information in connection with an application for bail or for modification of bail is guilty of a misdemeanor or felony which is one degree less than that of the crime charged for which bail is sought, but which in no event is greater than a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

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