Prosecute Brandon Race for the savage murder of his pet fox

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Brandon Michael Race, 32, of Palm Beach Shores, Florida, adopted a Russian Red Fox as a pet in 2017 as a baby from a breeder in Indiana. He kept her in a 900 square foot apartment and registed her as a service animal. He collected money via GoFundMe to allow him to remain in his apartment because his landlord did not want the fox on the property. In February 2018, Brandon Race faced prosecution for burglarizing several boats and removing speakers and other parts from the vessels which he intended to sell. Worried about the possibility of going to jail, Brandon savagely beat his pet fox to death, kicking her multiple times until she died, because the fox was "running around the house". He then stuffed her body into a trash can on the side of his house and left her to rot. Currently, Brandon faces no charges for the brutal murder of this poor fox. We want him prosecuted and punished for causing the death of an otherwise healthy 11 month old beautiful animal. We cannot let her murder go unpunished.