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Lower the Age for a Child's Rights In Florida

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It is time that our children have a voice in who they want to live with primarily. Giving parents 50/50 and forcing a teenager or pre-teen to go to a parent's house where they don't feel loved, appreciated or wanted will scar our children for years to come.. It not only makes them feel anxious and depressed but that their lives don't matter and their voices not heard.  Why is it that its only important what an adult wants??  Why is it not important or taking into account what a child wants or needs?  Not all children need the same thing and that should make all cases with time sharing looked at differently. 

A pre-teen or teenager should not be forced to go to court to tell a judge what they want or need and have to be confronted by the abusive or controlling other parent.  There should be an age where the child can make an honest and serious decision on who they want to live with without making it a custody battle between the parents and tons of money to get this issue resolved.  Making it hard to change a time sharing puts such a strain on the parents and especially the child who desperately just wants to say, "Hey,  I want to live with this parent."  By the time they are in middle school,  they know what they want and need as far as what parents give them the nurturing and love and guidance through out the week.  Sending a child back and forth during the week really puts a toll on the child/ student.  It stresses them out,  their studies are affected and just their all around feelings/ emotions and stability is questioned.  I have not even begun to hit how this affects grades and school activities.

When one parent is controlling and bitter towards the other our children can get in the cross fire,  this only further isolates the child and used as a bargaining tool.  They lose their voice,  their interests, hobbies, activities and other desires because the parent controls what they can and can't do.  Our children lose their identity and self worth, their childhood.

Please take the time to think about what we are doing to our children,  the stress they are put under and for what???  To make this easier on the courts ??  Because this is not easier on my child,  I can tell you this right now.  The stress of having to go to a house where she does not feel wanted, loved and appreciated should outweigh the feelings of the other parent..  She and all other children should have a voice on where they want to live,  which parent they feel safer with,  which parent will make sure their homework is getting done,  that activities and other events are being encouraged and met.  We should be encouraging and raising our children to be who they are and show them balance and stability and this is a country where Freedom and Freedom of Speech is truly practiced?  If this is true,  We need to speak up and give our children a voice!!

Please change the laws to give a pre-teen their voice,  a 12 year old knows who they want to live with and where they can strive to be the best 12 year old they can be.  Not a piece of property or possession with no voice or say in what they do..  Have we lost all compassion and humanity in America that we want to just label and treat someone as a case,  not an individual?? Having the age of  18 years old in the state of Florida to make a decision which parent they want to live with is ridiculous and sad.  We are setting our children up for failure and teaching them they have no voice and no one cares what they are going through.  Please stand with me in agreement and change the age to 12 for all children in the state of Florida to choose who they want to live with..  Most states have the age 12-14 years of age and this seems reasonable,  not 18.

Thank You for your time and please sign this petition,,,  12 year olds have a VOICE and should be HEARD!!


Robbin Crick

Bradenton Fl

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