Florida: Let's open Democratic primaries to no party voters (27% of FL registered voters)

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We all know what's at risk in 2020. We cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump as President. We also know that No-Party Affiliated (NPA) voters are the deciding factor in almost every general election. That’s why we want to ensure maximum participation in the Florida primary and open it to independent voters.

Signatures of this petition will be sent to the Voting members of Florida Democratic Party’s Executive Committee. They will have the opportunity to vote later this year on opening the Democratic primaries. Several counties have already voiced their support for this change.

With 3.6 million Floridians-27% of the electorate- now registering as NPA, it’s critical we bring these voters into the Democratic Party’s nominating process early and build bridges that will give the party a distinct advantage in the general election. The Supreme Court has held that the parties’ Constitutional right to open primaries supersedes state election law.

50% of younger voters and many voters of color are registering NPA. These are core Democratic Party constituencies. We need to make sure that those who have a favorite Democratic candidate can make their voices heard.  

Democratic Party members already agree. A 2019 Public Policy Poll found that 73% of Florida Democrats support an open primary. Claims that Republican-leaning independents would sabotage the primaries are unfounded. 35 states already allow independent voters to vote in the Democratic primary, and they are able to administer these primaries without a problem.  

The Florida Democratic Party stands for inclusion, participation, diversity and progress. It’s time its selection process reflect those values. With this in mind, we ask for the Florida Democratic Party to open the primary elections to NPA voters immediately as to engage all supporting voters in this primary election taking place in February 2020.